Tidbits on How to Attract Men with Your Body Language

Maybe you do not know it but as much as two thirds of human conversations are composed of body languages. We use our bodies to stress, emphasize and communicate feelings. Even more important is that body language is the best way to attract your desired partner as words alone are not enough.

Most of the time however, we converse with our bodies subconsciously to show affection, interest and mood. At other times, these body languages are within our control and so we can control them or even develop new ones to assert what we feel for our desired partners. Here are a few tips on how to attract men with body language.

Tune your body to the mood of your setting body language

No matter where you are, your body behavior should match that setting. Behave professionally when in office setting, sporty while at the gym and seductively while at the bar or party. In all these places, ensure that you maintain your femininity as this will spark testosterone in the man you admire to take action.

Show him what he wants to see

A man is moved by vision. Whatever they see can arouse the beast in them and make the all-important approach. If you think your legs is what he is interesting, then find a clever way to make to the fore. Also most men like to see the breast with its cleavage. As you converse, behave in a manner that draws your attention to that particular area. In case you do not have big breasts, then you can at least fake them as you converse by lifting them and then pressing them together.

Be charismatic

Wearing a smiling face not only invites men but also makes it easy for them to approach you for a conversation. You will be surprised at how many men will stop you just to say hi if you are wearing a happy face.

Play with your hair

Why do you think you were created to have more hair that is also sleek and beautiful? The simple reason is to make you beautiful for your man. To ensure that you catch men’s attention, just play with your hair in a sexy manner. You How To Attract Men NO.5can run your fingers through your hair. If it comes over your neck or face then brush it away also in a sexy way.
Another common way to use your hair as a body language to attract men is to curl it behind your years. This common but very effective gesture most men find sexy and they use it to gauge your personality. This will leave a strong impression of you in the mind of your dream man and he will surely come back.

Maintain Body contact with him

There is nothing as effective in attracting men as the power of touch. Pat him on the shoulder as you talk. You can also offer your hand for him to hold if he wants. I guess any sensitive man will seize the opportunity to hold the hands you offer. No man can resist going behind the fingers if you do this. He will definitely love it.

Those tips on how to attract men with your body language are easy and practical. You can come up with your own gesture through trial and error. That man you have longed too much to have in your arms could be yours if you approach him the right way and do the best you can to attract him.

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