Hi everyone:

I am Genny.  You may ask how to attract men? Here I’ve set up this website as mainly discuss how to attract men with you.

What does it take to attract men? At Get the Guy we have our own ideas about what works. The answer really depends on another question: What are you looking for? Let’s face it, to attract a man don a skirt the size of a spaghetti string and push enough of your God-given assets out for the world to see and chances are you’ll have plenty of companionship to see you through an evening or two. You’ll get attraction. You’ll attract men. But here’s the catch, you’ll attract ATTENTION; you won’t attract men, at least not those you’re looking for. If this is what you’re after, then read no further. Perhaps your breasts have simply been lacking in good conversation lately, and a night of slurring uninspired come-ons sounds like just the ticket to get you out of your dating rut. If so then please, with gusto, proceed to close your laptop, step out to China-whites and enjoy the onslaught.

First we need to change the way we think and the actions that we take. If you want a strong man who goes after what he wants, then you can’t be the weak and needy type. You want a partner not a father. Being helpless is not a good start to a relationship. It may work for a little while, but It will end. Each partner has to have something on the table. It sound businesslike but that is how things are.

You are out to attract the man and make him find you irresistible. You want him to know that his life was just simple until you came along. Women love confident men and men are the same way. Looks are not as important as how you carry yourself. Walk into room as if you have everything in the world on your side. You are the one they are looking for, so keep your head held high.

Men are very physical by nature and “First Impression” counts. How you look is the first thing men notice. Being attractive and dressing well is top of the list on how to attract men.

Every woman is beautiful in her own way…it’s just about taking care of your appearance and making the most of your best features without getting obsessed about what you look like.